Silver Peak Adds Secure Segmentation to SD-WAN


By: Michael Vizard

Application segmentation, which separates traffic flows on virtual networks, is a useful tool in combatting today's security risks. Silver Peak today is moving to make it simpler to segment networks by applying segmentation and security service chaining within a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

The latest version of the Unity EdgeConnect from Silver Peak makes it possible to both segment traffic on an end-to-end basis while also route traffic based on its type and sensitivity, says Derek Granath, vice president of product marketing for Silver Peak.

The segmentation capability enables IT organizations to centrally segment the network by users, applications, and WAN services into specific zones to prevent, for example, cybercriminals from hacking into an HVAC system to gain visibility into credit card data flowing across the same physical network.

At the same time, Silver Peak is giving IT organizations that ability to create service chains by automating application traffic based on predefined security policies, regulatory mandates, and business intent. For example, Granath says that an organization may decide that all bit torrent traffic needs to be backhauled via a data center, with direct access provided to all Microsoft Office 365 applications.

As more types of network traffic starts to emerge on remote networks, Granath says service chaining will become a primary method for controlling how traffic flows across an SD-WAN.

“We think service chaining will be used quite frequently,” says Granath.

In effect, Granath says Silver Peak is enabling IT organizations to more granularly control traffic as it flows across an SD-WAN. Today most SD-WANs can route traffic based on type of network connection. But the latest version of Unity EdgeConnect makes it possible to apply policies based on the user, application type, or use case.

The goal, says Granath, is to make it possible for small-to-medium enterprises to be able to not only segment their networks as easily as a large enterprise, but also enable them to comply with various regulations by making sure no one gains access to network traffic without specific permissions.

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