About Us

Founded in 2017, Futuriom is the research and analysis community focused on next-generation cloud technologies. We provide detailed analysis of the markets and companies likely to provide the most growth over the next decade, including communications, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud infrastruture, and cybersecurity.

Research is conducted by regular end-user surveys and interviews, analyzing public data, and talking to the smartest people in specific technology segments. This composite of information is then put into context, so you have one place to go to understand key trends in the most interesting cloud technology segments. The goal is to evaluate how emerging technologies will improve efficiencies, delivering a return on investment (ROI) for business.

Futuriom analysis is presented in both free and premium levels. In 2022, we plane to publish over eight Cloud Market Trend Reports (sponsored), and over five Cloud Tracker Pro (subscription required) premium reports.

Disclosure: We are a research firm, so we supply advisory and research services to clients.

For more information, see our Services. To become a member of our premium services, please contact sales@futuriom.com

Our Team

Scott Raynovich, Founder and Principal Analyst

Raynovich has been following Internet and communications technology long enough to remember what Token Ring and Silicon Investor were. He has won several industry awards, including a Folio award for best website (Redherring.com, 1999) and an Editor & Publisher award for Best Business Blog. He is also a columnist for Forbes.com and Fierce Telecom. A technology analyst and writer for 25 years, he helped champion the rise of the Internet bubble as New York Bureau Chief for the seminal Red Herring magazine during the 1990s, embraced the telecom boom and bust as Editor in Chief of communications trade Light Reading for eight years in the 2000s, and published one of the first reports on SD-WAN technology at the Rayno Report in 2014, which was acquired by SDxCentral.com in 2015. After doubling the research revenue at SDxCentral.com, Raynovich left to start a new research business in 2016. Futuriom was founded in 2017 to deliver insights into the hottest trends and demands driving cloud technology.

Raynovich holds a BA in French Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. When not analyzing cloud communications technology, Raynovich enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and exploring the Montana outdoors. He also plays a Telecaster in a rock band called Velvet Rhino, which plays regularly in the Bozeman area.


Mary Jander, Senior Analyst and Editor

Mary Jander has worked in technology journalism and analysis for more than 30 years. She was a senior member of the editorial staff at McGraw-Hill’s Data Communications before joining the founding team (along with R. Scott Raynovich) of the watershed online publication Light Reading in 1999. At Light Reading, Jander wrote groundbreaking stories on the optical networking and telecommunications bubble and collapse, chronicling the rise and fall of companies such as Lucent and Nortel. For the next 15 years, Jander held senior editorial jobs in a family of Light Reading’s spinoff technology publications, including Byte & Switch and Future Cities. Mary is co-author of Foundations of Service Level Management.

Jander holds a degree in English and Business from City University of New York and Marymount/Fordham. A dual citizen of the US and Canada, Mary spent many years reporting remotely from rural Cape Breton and wrangling satellite Internet. She is now based in New Jersey.


Kyle Steiner, Director of Marketing and Client Success

For five years, Steiner supervised and managed industry-defining content and marketing strategies in the financial services space. After meeting Raynovich in the back rooms of music venues in Bozeman, Steiner in 2020 joined the Futuriom team as the Director of Marketing and Client Success, bringing outstanding marketing programs and client service to the global technology community.

Outside the world of marketing, Steiner has hosted a hit talk radio show in Bozeman, Montana and published three children’s books, one of which brought him to the status of “award-winning author.” He can be found in coffee shops most days, and he frequently answers emails from the ski lift or river raft.


Andrew Braunberg – Contributing Analyst

A former industry practitioner of cybersecurity technology, Braunberg has been an industry analyst for two decades. Over his career, Braunberg has covered defense technologies, telecommunications infrastructure, business intelligence & predictive analytics, and information security. At NSS labs, Andrew oversaw the research and advisory team in its content creation and interactions with vendors, enterprises, and financial clients. Management included overseeing the analyst and editorial teams at NSS Labs to schedule, create, and deliver all research content, both qualitative and quantitative. Before that, he managed Current Analysis’s Enterprise Security, Data Center and Enterprise Network Systems analyst teams. Current areas of interest include security for industrial control systems, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and Zero Trust.

Andrew holds a BS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Engineering Physics and an MA from George Washington University in Science, Technology, and Public Policy. Andrew lives (mostly) in Austin, Texas with his wife and two dogs. He is also known to make a kick-ass bourbon.


Dave Williams, Director of Business Development and Client Accounts

Big Wave Dave, a native of Hawaii and a resident of San Diego, has more than 20 years of experience selling research and marketing programs to companies throughout the communications Industry. After starting a career with sexy Miller Freeman high-tech pubs such as PC Fab and Circuits Assembly, Williams dove into the dot-com startup craze of the late 90s with VerticalNet. After spending a few years in the bubble, Williams joined Light Reading and partnered with Raynovich to help conceive, launch, and grow the pioneering Heavy Reading research service, which is now owned by Informa. After spending a few years navigating the labyrinthine world of tech media and research M&A (Light Reading, UBM, Informa, etc.), Williams in 2020 reunited with Raynovich and Jander at Futuriom to help clients build high-performance research assets and marketing programs.

Some fun facts: Williams is a former aspiring professional golfer who likes night fishing for sharks off beaches in San Diego. He doesn’t own a Bugatti, but he can still hit a golf ball 300 yards even though he now plays from the whites.