Aryaka Upgrade Targets Security, Hybrid WAN

City With Network

By: R. Scott Raynovich

Aryaka Networks is building out its network infrastructure to accommodate wider ranging needs for hybrid software-defined networking (SD-WAN) services, including multi-tenant security.

Today Aryaka announced HybridWAN, a new managed SD-WAN service that extends its existing network to sites needing a combination of Aryaka’s Layer 2 core connectivity and Aryaka-managed Internet connectivity.

The service offers new performance guarantees for business-critical traffic, while the Internet option offers cost-effective transport for non-priority traffic. The service also introduces zone-based security features that enable the micro-segmentation of specific applications. This launch shows that Aryaka is evolving its own private network to rival larger service providers by providing service-level agreements (SLAs) and sophisticated security features.

Teradyne Named as Customer

Aryaka points out that the WAN is evolving from leased-line services to a hybrid infrastructure that can leverage both private leased lines and Internet services. Aryaka was one of the early SD-WAN technology providers to also offer its own SD-WAN network, with global points-of-presence.

One of the public customers that Aryaka references is Teradyne, a global electronic test and industrial automation company.

“Before Aryaka’s HybridWAN offering, we were using multiple technologies and spending a huge amount of time prioritizing critical traffic," said John DeBella, Director of Infrastructure Management at Teradyne in a public statement. "With HybridWAN, we’ve been able to consolidate, centralize and simplify our network and have even more flexibility to prioritize our most critical traffic.”

Zone-Based Firewalling

One of the key new additions of the HybridWAN services is zone-based firewall and micro-segmentation capabilities, supporting of multi-tenancy. By implementing an intra-datacenter firewall for east-west traffic, it enables users of the HybridWAN service to set up multi-tenancy access that can segment access to specific applications. For example, a company can set up separate employee and external networks.

Like many SD-WAN technology platforms, Aryaka is becoming a more sophisticated tool for security, looking to build a full suite of security functions into its network. This is a growing trend in the SD-WAN movement. In addition to providing its own zonal firewall capabilities, Aryaka also partners with vendors such as Palo Alto Networks and Checkpoint to enable third-party firewalls and security tools.

The Futuriom annual SD-WAN Growth report includes a detailed analysis of the market growth drivers, customer needs, and the strategies of market leaders including Aryaka. You can find a summary of the report here.