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Futuriom's New Cloud Tracker Pro: Getting Real About 5G

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By: Mary Jander

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Welcome to the latest quarterly Cloud Tracker Pro (CTP), our premium information and data service that provides instant access to analysis of key trends in cloud and communications infrastructure. CTP offers detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of how the communications and cloud infrastructure markets are building toward widespread digital transformation.

In this second CTP report (you can check out the first here), we analyze the present state of B2B applications at the 5G edge. After all, 2021 was supposed to be the year in which 5G made its official debut as the preferred service for all kinds of groundbreaking business apps, from drone package delivery to self-driving cars to remote surgery.

That hasn’t quite unfolded as hyped. Instead, applications that straddle 4G/LTE and early non-standalone 5G infrastructure are progressing slowly but surely under the radar. These are the applications that eventually will drive the development of more widespread 5G networking.

5G B2B: A Telco Reality Check

Even as 5G hype persists in marketing across the industry, telcos are pursuing infrastructure in the background. Telcos have invested heavily in electromagnetic spectrum in anticipation of ongoing consumer demand and sizable developing demand for enterprise 5G. The chart below shows the general trends across leading U.S. and European carriers:

5G B2B: Top Applications Heat Index

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