Palo Alto Shares Plunge on Strategy Shift

Palo Alto CEO Nikesh Arora announces a new platform strategy designed to combat "cybersecurity fatigue"


Itential Adds Automated Configuration for Multi-Cloud Networks

Itential's integrated automation platform works with virtual as well as physical networks.

By: Mary Jander
March 02, 2021

Cato Claims Record Financial Growth

Bigger and better sales may point to M&A or IPO ambitions.

By: Mary Jander
February 23, 2021

Internet Growth Fuels Undersea Cable Race

Hyperscalers' interest in subsea cabling drives new data center activity where land meets sea.

By: Mary Jander
February 23, 2021

Cloud Services Take Bare Metal to the Edge

Bare-metal served up as a cloud service is tackling edge compute and other challenges.

By: Mary Jander
February 17, 2021
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Data Gravity Drives Data Center Leasing

Floods of corporate data are moving enterprises to buy ready-made IT support.

By: Mary Jander
February 16, 2021

Heineken Drafts Aviatrix for Multi-Cloud Strategy

The brewer is counting on Avaitrix to help transcend pandemic challenges.

By: Mary Jander
February 10, 2021

Why Kong Got $100 Million

It was reportedly easy money for an API gateway in hot demand.

By: Mary Jander
February 09, 2021

Is Cloud Titan Growth Slowing Down?

Cloud Tracker Pro

Despite a strong 2020, public cloud earnings flattened quarter-to-quarter.

By: Mary Jander
February 09, 2021

Who's Behind Databricks' Billion-Dollar Series G

Votes of confidence from investors and customers point the way toward broader cloud trends.

By: Mary Jander
February 03, 2021

DriveNets Nets $208 Million to Expand Cloud Routing

Disaggregated router vendor will use funding to expand its hyperscale clientele.

By: Mary Jander
January 27, 2021