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Who Are the Biggest Multicloud Customers?


By: Mary Jander

The largest public cloud companies routinely name their high-profile customers – in presentations, online, and on earnings calls. Some of these large companies use more than one of the Big Four (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle) and are among the world’s biggest multicloud shops.

Futuriom recently scanned the list of customers named by the “cloud titans” over the past several quarters and identified those that are using more than one big cloud service. We also attempted to dig into why the choices were made and what’s been accomplished so far.

Cloud Customer Lists

To begin: Below is a listing of the customers named by each provider over that past year or so. Those having more than one top cloud provider are shown in boldface.

[Note: These are only partial lists of customers mentioned. Each supplier has more than these customers. It's also possible we haven't caught all the multicloud environments and that various customers are using combinations of other cloud providers not listed (e.g., IBM, VMware).]

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