The Futuriom 40 Webinar - 2022

F40 Webinar Website Promo

By: Kyle Steiner

In 2021, Futuriom launched the Futuriom 40: Cloud Trends and Top Private Companies report. This report has proven to be one of the most popular resources on cloud infrastructure technology.

As part of a new annual tradition, we will be hosting a webinar in which our analysts discuss the details of the 2022 Futuriom 40 report, including the top trends in cloud infrastructure as well as the 40 new companies on our list.

In addition, we will invite special guests from the companies in the report to present their technology and tell you why it's needed in the market.

The webinar takes place on February 16, 2022 at 10:00 am Mountain Time.

You can register for the webinar here.

What We Will Be Covering

  • The top trends in emerging cloud communications and infrastructure technology. Some of the trends covered: Edge cloud, cloud security, hybrid cloud management, cloud data management; multi-cloud networking, cloud network automation, zero-trust networking, Secure Access Services Edge (SASE), and others.

  • A summary of the top needs and challenges in cloud infrastructure technology, as identified by our series of end-user surveys.

  • A summary of what happened to our 2021 Futuriom 40 companies, including acquisitions and IPOs.

  • Our new list of 40 private companies leading the market trends, as evaluated by the Futuriom analysts.

  • Rapid-fire elevator pitch presentations from the top companies in the report, to tell you why they are hot.

      Who Should Attend?

      • Technology and business leaders assessing suppliers for cloud infrastructure and strategy.

      • Members of the technology trade and business media who would like to learn about Futuriom's take on cloud infrastructure innovation.

      • Public market and private market investors looking for the next hottest companies in cloud infrastructure.

      We look forward to seeing you on the webinar.