One Network, One Cloud, One Extreme: A Unique Architecture


By: R. Scott Raynovich

Managing networking in these times is no easy task. Enterprise networks have grown beyond the days when they consisted of Ethernet switches placed behind local firewalls and managed as wide-area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs). Now there is also wireless, network fabric, cloud, and much more.

The rapidly expanding nature of enterprise networks now includes many domains: campus, enterprise, Wi-Fi networks, edge networks, datacenter networks, and cloud networks. This requires a different way for organizations to manage their networking infrastructure.

The growing complexity requires deeper integration, visibility, and insight into how all these networks work together. It’s no longer helpful to toggle among a wide array of siloed networks and network applications to manage the network environment.

Extreme Takes Networking in a New Direction

Extreme Networks has made it a mission to focus on simplifying these network operations by developing one platform to operate and manage any networking environment – whether it's cloud, datacenter, enterprise, or wireless.

Referred to as “One Network, One Cloud, One Extreme,” the mantra is embodied in a single cloud networking operating platform that can manage legacy and universal networking environments. The arrival of a single platform for any network also means it will be easier to launch new applications that can tap into all this infrastructure – whether it’s cloud-based or based on traditional technology.

This Leaderhip Brief presented by Futuriom in partnership with Extreme walks you through the basics of the One Network, One Cloud, One Extreme strategy, and how it has helped Extreme customers with positive return on investment (ROI).

One Network Leadership Brief Highlights:

• Extreme Networks has demonstrated remarkable growth by focusing on the strategy of creating “One Network, One Cloud, and One Extreme,” which emphasizes a unified approach to networking.

• A consistent architecture for a diverse networking portfolio can deliver many benefits – including ease of use, better worker productivity, lower operational costs, and improved security.

• The deployments tracked by Futuriom back up this claim, with return on investment (ROI) gains in Extreme deployments ranging from 20%-50%, according to users we spoke with.

• We spoke with several end users that said One Network, One Cloud, One Extreme architecture is important, as it simplifies what was the ever-increasing complexity of campus, branch, datacenter, and cloud networking environments.

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