Aryaka Teams With China Mobile on SD-WAN

Smart City Shanghai

By: R. Scott Raynovich

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) service provider Aryaka yesterday announced a new strategic partnership with China Mobile International to deliver the first compliant global SD-WAN service for international companies with locations in China as well as Chinese companies.

Given all the news about China in the headlines -- and the ongoing struggles for international companies to connect to behind mainland China's internal firewall -- this is an interesting development. This year, China will start implementing a ban on non-approved virtual private networks (VPNs), making it more challenging for international businesses to connect to branches in the country in a secure and private way.

Aryaka hopes to put itself in a strong position by having a sanctioned networking solution provided in its partnership with China Mobile, which is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the world. The two will be selling an integrated version of Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN and Internet connectivity to deliver SD-WAN services for global enterprise applications. This will include SD-WAN services to businesses headquartered in China with international locations. China Mobile will also offer foreign companies a sanctioned and compliant SD-WAN service supporting locations in China.

“This is a powerful partnership because Aryaka and CMI complement each other in ways that immediately benefit global enterprises,” said Shawn Farshchi, President and CEO of Aryaka, in a press release. “Aligning our resources will increase enterprise agility by simplifying the job of deploying and managing SD-WANs that meet the singular compliance requirements in China. Together, Aryaka and CMI will provide the only solution that can deliver significantly better performance for both on-premises and SaaS/cloud applications anywhere in the world.”

Aryaka claims it is now deployed by more than 800 global enterprises. Its own SD-WAN service, which is connected through 28 POPs around the world, is specifically targeted at global companies looking to improve international connectivity. The company also recently announced the addition of new security services as part of its PASSPORT offering.