Aryaka Survey Reveals WAN Transformation

Aryaka's sixth annual "State of the WAN" report reveals a tectonic shift toward cloud networking, SASE, and managed services


T-Mobile Breach is One of Many. Can it Be the Last?

Amid the ransomware pandemic, T-Mobile US has suffered its fifth data breach in four years. This one has affected over 47 million customers

By: Mary Jander
August 19, 2021

Cloud Hyperscalers Expand Subsea Connections

AWS, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft continue to fund costly subsea cabling projects to extend their Internet connectivity to key markets

By: Mary Jander
August 18, 2021

HashiCorp Posts Multi-Cloud Survey Results

HashiCorp has released results of a 3,205-respondent survey on multi-cloud, indicating that challenges remain though the approach is here to stay

By: Mary Jander
August 13, 2021

PacketFabric Adds IPsec VPN and NAT to Cloud Router

PacketFabric enhances multi-cloud networking functions by adding IPsec VPN and NAT support

By: R. Scott Raynovich
August 12, 2021

OwnBackup Gets $240 Million, Plans to Extend Saas Backup

OwnBackup has scored $240 million in Series E funding, to be used to expand the firm's backup and recovery capabilities beyond Salesforce

By: Mary Jander
August 12, 2021
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What the Infrastructure Bill Means for Telcos

The U.S. infrastructure bill recently passed by the Senate includes $65 billion to extend broadband service to all citizens. Telcos and their vendors stand to benefit too

By: Mary Jander
August 11, 2021

Snorkel AI Scores $85 Million for AI Data-Prep Platform

Snorkel AI, a startup specializing in data labeling for machine learning applications, has scored $85 million in Series C funding, highlighting the growing momentum in AI

By: Mary Jander
August 11, 2021

Databricks/MIT Report Tells What's Lacking in Analytics

A Databricks-sponsored survey on data analytics and machine learning reveals that most C-level data managers think they could do better

By: Mary Jander
August 09, 2021

Azure Space Director Heads Back to Washington

Chirag Parikh, senior director of Microsoft's Azure Space program, is leaving to work for VP Kamala Harris, highlighting the caliber of talent and commitment at Azure Space

By: Mary Jander
August 06, 2021

What's Behind Marvell's Innovium Deal

Cloud Tracker Pro

Marvell's low-ball $1.1 billion bid for Innovium has analysts asking why. The answer lies in Innovium's success and Marvell's ambitions

By: Mary Jander
August 04, 2021