SDN 2.0: Monitoring, Analytics, and Automation


By: R. Scott Raynovich

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Technology buzzwords ebb and flow. Meanwhile, the practitioners move on to what's real. Hot recent concepts in the networking market include Intent-based Networking (IBN) and Applications Specific Networking (ASN). These technologies are legitimate and useful, but they represent an evolution and a subset of a larger basket of technology known as software-defined networking (SDN), which is maturing as it finds deployments by operators looking to increase efficiency.

Many end users in the networking community believe that the next generation of SDN, which we are calling SDN 2.0, can take networks to the next level. Futuriom just completed a three-month deep dive into the evolution of the SDN market, which is summarized in our latest report: SDN 2.0: Monitoring, Analytics, and Automation (available for purchase below). What we found is that SDN is alive and well as enterprises and service-provider operators look to the technology as a way to automate networks to save operational costs.

What is SDN 2.0?

But the new SDN -- SDN 2.0 we are calling it -- isn't the same as the old SDN. This new wave of SDN has moved beyond a hodgepodge of SDN tools and OpenFlow toward sophisticated and integrated automation platforms. It's no longer just about having open, compatible SDN components that can be swapped in and out of commodity hardware -- it's now about the capability to integrate network telemetry, monitoring, and big-data analytics into a closed-loops system that can automatically run the network.

The end-goal, according to the dozens of end users we spoke to, is reduce manual tasks and increase the efficiency of operations. The discussion has shifted, away from disaggregation and commodity hardware, and on to real-world applications -- such as using SDN platforms to monitor, analyze, and automate networks in real time.

Key Findings in the SDN 2.0 Report

SDN 2.0: Monitoring, Analytics, and Automation draws from a survey of technology as well as dozens of interviews with end users. It details the current trends in the SDN market, profiles the top companies, and tells you about the trends in the market and where it's likely to go.

Here are some of the key findings in the report:

  • The SDN market is entering a new stage that will integrate telemetry, monitoring, and analytics to deliver increased automation. Large network operators are now moving toward platforms that can collect large amounts of telemetry data to drive analytics and automation.
  • Service providers see SDN 2.0 as a key driver of automation. Interviews with leading service provider architects indicates they see the marriage of SDN platforms with real-time monitoring and big data analytics as a key driver for automation.
  • SDN integration with hardware underlay is a critical feature. SDN software-only overlays are important, but integration with the hardware and OS will be critical to delivering automation and self-healing networks, as indicated by recent adoption plans.
  • Monitoring tools are being integrated with leading SDN platforms. The drive to automate large- scale service provider networks will drive more integration between monitoring and telemetry tools with SDN platforms.
  • Intent-based networking (IBN) will be a key function that will enable further automation of SDN platforms. Higher level analytics functions will set the state for IBN and automation.
  • SDN startups such as Apstra, Big Switch, and Pluribus Networks are making inroads. They could be prime acquisition or IPO candidates as operators accelerate their interest in fully featured SDN solutions that aren't tied to specific hardware platforms.

SDN 2.0 Report Details

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Report Title: SDN 2.0: Monitoring, Analytics, and Automation

Length: 25 pages

Companies included: Apstra, Big Switch, Pluribus Networks, Accedian, Anuta Networks, Arista Networks, CA, Cisco, EXFO, Forward Networks, Gigamon, Infovista, NETSCOUT, Viavi

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