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How Hyperscalers Are Hooked Into Generative AI

Purple Aibrain

By: Mary Jander

The OpenAI drama this month made clear the gamble the cloud hyperscalers are making on key generative AI startups. It threw Microsoft into the spotlight and threatened its sizable investment in the firm. It also called into question the billions Amazon and Google have spent on OpenAI rival Anthropic, given the unusual governance structure that startup has in place (more on that momentarily).

So it’s worth examining the heavy investments made in generative AI by all leading cloud providers. What’s more, taking a detailed look at where each cloud provider is going with generative AI helps to focus on how the market is shaping up in general. So let’s get going.

Who’s Invested What and Where

Things have changed since Cloud Tracker Pro examined the cloud providers’ investments in generative AI startups a few months back. So below is an updated listing:

Source: Company announcements

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