Futuriom 2023 Research and Editorial Calendar

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By: R. Scott Raynovich

Well, it took longer than we would have liked, but we have released our preliminary 2023 research calendar (subject to change).

With so many red-hot topics in the cloud infrastructure and services space, it was hard to decide which topics should be pushed to the forefront. But we've got a full slate of reports lined up for next year. To start the year, we will once again be releasing our massively popular Futuriom 50 top private companies. Then our full series of both free and premium reports will cover key trends in edge cloud, SASE, hybrid cloud, multicloud, cloud-native databases, and private wireless.

And you may be thankful -- we don't have a metaverse report!

Our reports are split into two categories: Cloud Market Trend Reports, which are free and and sponsored; and Cloud Tracker Pro reports, which are available to subscribers only.

The 2023 Calendar

So, here it is, the 2022 preliminary calendar (subject to change):

Cloud Market Trend Reports (Sponsored)

January 2023

Futuriom 50: Top Cloud Infra Trends and Startups 2023

March 2023

SD-WAN and SASE Managed Services Survey 2023

April 2023

Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Cost Management

May 2023

Shift Left in Cybersecurity: Code and API Security

June 2023

The Future of Hybrid Cloud Automation & AIOps

July 2023

Private Wireless Adoption and Use Cases

August 2023

Cloud Native Database Management 2023

TBD 2023

MYSTERY report to be announced! Suggest a Title!

October 2023

Multicloud Networking and Network Automation

November 2023

Edge Cloud Security: The SASE Ecosystem Report

Cloud Tracker Pro (Premium Subscribers Only)

February 2023

Special Report: 2023 Cloud Segment Growth Outlook

March 2023

CTP 5G Edge Cloud Tracker Report Q1 2023

June 2023

CTP 5G Edge Cloud Tracker Report Q2 2023

September 2023

CTP 5G Edge Cloud Tracker Report Q3 2023

December 2023

CTP 5G Edge Cloud Tracker Report Q4 2023

January 2024

Cloud Capex Tracker and Survey 2024

Intrested? Interested parties can download our full calendar, with information about sponsorships and licenses, here.

Feel free to contact us about editorial inclusion (always free, we are not a pay-to-play shop), or about sponsorship opportunities for CMTRs or enterprise subscriptions to Cloud Tracker Pro.

About Futuriom Research and Our Audience

  • End-User Driven Research: During the course of the year, we survey and interview thousands of enterprises, cloud operators, and service providers about technology needs and challenges. We also track key financial data and trends in the industry.
  • Visionary Insight: Futuriom has a track record of identifying key shifts in the cloud technology markets such as cloud networking, cybersecurity, and infrastructure. We also track hundreds of startups in the cloud infrastructure market.
  • Expanded Reach and Impact: Through our network of end-user network partnerships and social networks we can reach 1 million end users involved with cloud and service provider infrastructure. Our reports receive thousands of downloads per year.
  • ­­­­High Visibility: Futuriom analysis has been featured in many media channels, including Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Fierce Wireless, Fierce Telecom, and Light Reading.
  • Influential Audience: Our influential audience of free and premium subscribers includes key industry decision makers at enterprises, service providers, and financial institutions, with over 15% CxOs. Our newsletter and social networks reach more than 25,000 key influencers in cloud technology. Audience stats below