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Enterprises Are Testing Public Cloud GenAI


By: Mary Jander

When it comes to generative AI (GenAI), talk is cheap. If you believe the stream of blogs and PR announcements, every leading cloud provider is busily serving up models and toolkits to eager enterprises, which in turn appear to be diving into exciting, revenue-generating applications in which text, images, video, and sounds are automatically created from natural language input.

Not surprisingly, reality doesn’t match the hype. Instead, the leading cloud providers are mainly selling GenAI products and services to companies looking to build products of their own to address specific enterprise requirements. As to enterprise customers, they’re often users of existing cloud-based AI products (e.g., for machine learning) that plan to develop GenAI applications. The operative word: plan.

Futuriom’s Cloud Tracker Pro recently scoped out a group of customer testimonials from the leading cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Let’s take a look at what we found.

GenAI Is in Test Mode

When it comes to enterprise use of GenAI, it’s important to qualify your terms. All of the leading cloud providers classify machine learning as GenAI. So when AWS claims that the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s Allen Institute for Brain Science is using its AI, it means that the project is using AWS SageMaker, a machine learning service, with plans to extend its use of AWS GenAI tools later on.

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