Cradlepoint Boosts 5G Portfolio

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By: R. Scott Raynovich

Cradlepoint, now owned by Ericsson, has always held a unique position as a provider of high-performance wireless networking products targeted at enterprises. It has an edge in specialized markets such as industrial, Internet of Things (IoT), and niches such as automated teller machines and kiosks. It was also an early mover in the software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) market when it acquired Pertino in 2015.

This week, Cradlepoint made a bid to consolidate its reputation as one of the 5G leaders for enterprise, announcing its second-generation portfolio of 5G products. This includes a wide range of products ranging from low-band to millimeter-wave solutions and external adapters to integrated 5G routers, all of which are 5G-enabled.

Building a Flexible WAN

With its SD-WAN capabilities coupled with 5G, Cradlepoint has always focused on flexible and reliable wireless communications. This includes the capability to use a wide range of broadband connections, ranging from multiple flavors of 5G to fiber, all controlled with cloud-based management that can provide failover and redundancy across multiple circuits. This is the type of product that is well positioned for the fast growth in cloud, mobile, and IoT technology.

The new portfolio targets business markets that might need a variety of wireless connectivity solutions, including routers that balance multiple 5G radios such as millimeter wave (mmWave) or mid-band. This new portfolio includes "5G-embedded routers" and field-upgradeable modems.

Inside the 5G Portfolio

One example would be the company's flagship enterprise router. The E3000 5G Enterprise SD-WAN Router is optimized for 5G with a choice of high-speed fiber and 2.5-Gbps Ethernet WAN ports. It also has an expansion slot for a second, field-upgradable modem and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Captive Modem technology to connect Cradlepoint Wideband 5G Adapters.

There are plenty of other options too, including a range of adapters for the many variations of 5G spectrum and broadband connectivity. Here's a rundown of the full portfolio, from the Cradlepoint press release:

  • Need a 5G router in your truck? Cradlepoint calls the R1900 the industry’s first "built-for-5G mobile router optimized for in-vehicle networks."
  • The new MC400-5G Modular Model allows Cradlepoint customers to field-upgrade or add a second 5G modem to any Cradlepoint 5G-ready or optimized router.
  • The W-Series 5G Wideband Adapters offer an Ethernet-connected 5G modem and antenna system that supports the entire 5G spectrum with the ultimate deployment flexibility. Customers can pair the adapter with a Cradlepoint or third-party router and achieve optimal 5G reception anywhere using standard PoE cabling.
  • W2000/W1850 indoor units are for low-band and mid-band 5G deployments where a 5G signal is acquirable indoors.
  • W2005 5G Wideband Adapter (Outdoor Unit): The W2005 outdoor unit gives customers more flexibility in deploying 5G capacity-layer connectivity for buildings and fixed sites.
  • W4005 5G Wideband Adapter for mmWave (Outdoor Unit): The W4005 provides multi-gigabit performance for mmWave 5G and liquid cooling. It uses the latest Qualcomm high-power array antenna with beamforming, steering, and tracking technology.

This 5G portfolio has impressive depth and targets important use cases that we see evolving with the 5G edge cloud. Cradlepoint is correct in pointing out that it's on the cutting edge of the 5G market here.