3 Reasons Why Tech Stocks May Have Topped

Valuations nearly 100% above the long-term trend with trade war in the background


Tech Delivers Smart Cities – & Surveillance States

The city in the cloud is here -- with your face

By: R. Scott Raynovich
September 06, 2017

A Deep Dive Into Cisco's Growth Challenges

Cisco needs more M&A to grow

By: R. Scott Raynovich
August 25, 2017

Black Hat Roundup: Why IoT Is Not Safe

Black Hat introduces hackable nukes, car washes, and 4G

By: R. Scott Raynovich
July 31, 2017

Is It Time for Juniper to Do Something Big?

Inside possible moves for the networking company

By: R. Scott Raynovich
July 27, 2017
Cisco Hq2

Cisco Reinvents SDN, Market Yawns

Cisco rolls out intent-based networking, but does the market care?

By: R. Scott Raynovich
June 21, 2017
Digitalpadlock 1

Why We Still Get Hacked: Security Experts Weigh In

The security industry is failing. How to fix it?

By: R. Scott Raynovich
June 14, 2017

Security Funding Boom: $400M in Deals in One Week

Illumio and Netskope both land $100M rounds, Microsoft acquires Hexadite

By: R. Scott Raynovich
June 09, 2017
Smart City 2

Cisco VNI Update: IoT, SD-WAN, Video Drive Growth

IoT devices, SD-WAN, digital health, and video are key Internet growth applications

By: R. Scott Raynovich
June 08, 2017

Qualcomm Sees IoT Driving Growth, AI at the Edge

Chip giant already shipping 1 million IoT chips per day

By: R. Scott Raynovich
May 25, 2017

What WannaCry Means for Windows

Vulnerabilities in Windows paved the way for WannaCry

By: R. Scott Raynovich
May 19, 2017