Futuriom 2020 Research & Services Calendar


By: R. Scott Raynovich

Futuriom's research is gaining widespread acclaim, so it's time to step up. Our research has been featured by more than 20 news and media organizations, as well as licensed by more than 50 clients.

Futuriom uses end-user survey and investment data to analyze powerful trends in the technology marketplace. These insights are published in our Market Trend Reports that identify and forecast high-growth connected technology markets.

We publish our Market Trend reports on our website roughly every two months.Half of them are available as free downloads, and the rest are premium reports that require a subscription or purchase. We'll also be converting all premium content over to an annual subscription model -- so you can get all of research for one monthly or annual subscription -- in March.

Here are the six Market Trend reports we plan to publish next year:

  • The Future of Multi-Cloud Networking (February – Free)
  • 5G and IoT Edge Compute Trends (March – Premium)
  • SD-WAN Infrastructure Growth Report (May – Premium)
  • CSP Network Visibility and Automation Survey (June – Premium)
  • SD-WAN Managed Services Survey (October - Premium)
  • Cloud Networking and Security Survey (December – Free)

The Market Trend reports help our subscribers stay on top of key communications and cloud tech trends. To see the full Research Calendar and service prospectus, including pricing for research licensing and sponsorship, you can download the calendar here!

(Futuriom research is supported by sponsors. If you are interested in license our high-quality independent content to engage on a deeper level with potential customers, or sponsoring reports in 2020, please contact us at sales at futuriom dot com.)