Arrcus Lands $30 Million with Help from NVIDIA

MCN software player Arrcus scores significant investment from NVIDIA, which is also collaborating with Arrcus on AI networking solutions


Multicloud Deals Abound: Aviatrix, Megaport, IBM, and Vapor IO

Aviatrix and Megaport partner while IBM and Vapor IO team up, highlighting the benefits of marrying MCN and hybrid cloud technology to private edge networking

By: Mary Jander
July 10, 2024

Diving Into IoT with Infra Expert Bill Brown

IoT expert Bill Brown shares insights and experiences on the nature of IoT, its market, and its relation to the network edge

By: Mary Jander
July 10, 2024

Why Optical Fiber Is Having a Moment

Optical fiber and components are increasingly in demand for enterprise and hyperscaler datacenters, thanks to AI and edge computing

By: Mary Jander
July 08, 2024

AI Appliances Pop Up at the Edge

Responding to AI demand, devices are appearing that combine AI with edge compute capabilities and connectivity for multiple IoT sensors and other gear

By: Mary Jander
June 27, 2024
A Ichip

Axelera Adds $68 Million to Funding for Edge AI Chip

Cloud Tracker Pro

Axelera AI has scored $68 million in financing to continue developing an AI chip for edge inferencing, a hot and growing market

By: Mary Jander
June 27, 2024

How Are Datacenters Coping with Energy?

Datacenters are notoriously massive energy consumers. Here's how some operators coping with the explosive growth of AI and subsequent future power demands

By: Chad Sellmer
June 27, 2024
Observability and Net Dev Ops

New Report! Observability, AIOps, and NetDevOps

Why observability, AIOps, and NetDevOps are key trends enabling cloud transformation

By: R. Scott Raynovich
June 25, 2024

HPE and NVIDIA Look to Simplify Enterprise AI

Cloud Tracker Pro

HPE and NVIDIA have taken an existing partnership up a notch by announcing turnkey AI inferencing systems combining their products and services.

By: Mary Jander
June 19, 2024
A Icloud

The Pitfalls of Sovereign AI

Cloud Tracker Pro

Nations can benefit economically from their own AI platforms, but explicit policies and collaborative agreements may be needed to ensure long-term success

By: Mary Jander
June 18, 2024