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Telco Troubles Revealed in Financials

5 Gconnect1

By: Mary Jander

Telecommunications providers worldwide have reached a decisive moment: They are faced with the failure of 5G to live up to expectations. They’re confronted by enterprise customers grown tight-fisted from macroeconomic woes. They face unprecedented competition in business services from the major public cloud providers. They’re falling behind in AI. With revenues falling, the time has come to change or continue to lose out.

The situation is clear when comparing revenues of a handful of leading telcos with those of the leading cloud providers (including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud), as in the chart below:

We can also see that the downward or flattening trend is fairly universal across our sampling of leading telcos:

Multiple Issues

As noted, the reduction in revenues experienced by telcos has several causes. Particularly painful is the lack of uptick in private 5G, which has failed to compensate for the loss of business wireline access and wholesale business connections.

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