Prosimo Ups Its AIOps Game


By: R. Scott Raynovich

Have you noticed? AIOps is all the rage. GenAI is being applied to networking and cloud infrastructure to drive automation and efficiency. It might be one of the most practical, real-world applications of GenAI right now.

Multicloud networking leader Prosimo today announced its AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking, which will be included as part of Prosimo's multicloud networking platform. In the suite, Prosimo’s Nebula assistant uses natural language to provide recommendations and accelerated root cause analysis for improving operations. The product also adds tools for managing cloud costs as well as AI infrastructure, including AI data guardrails.

"AI adoption has changed requirements for cloud networking dramatically - increasing cross-cloud interactions, bringing the need to secure AI workloads and data, as well as expecting high-quality rapid decisions," said Prosimo co-founder and CEO Ramesh Prabagaran in the corporate release. "We are solving both problems in one - multi-cloud networking for AI to help speed up adoption of AI, and AIOps for faster decision making."

The Next Step in AIOps

What’s important about Prosimo's release is that it helps network and application managers operate across stacks and across clouds. As enterprises increasingly use network options such as cloud onramps and cloud infrastructure from large providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), they need automation to guide their security and networking policies in multiple cloud environments, as well as traditional networking environments.

Prosimo is unique it that it tracks both lower-layer networking services such as L3 routing and IP network connectivity as well as application-layer policy and behavior. These are key features in multicloud environments -- for example, if an application is employing network transit across multiple network operators or cloud regions. It also enables virtual segmentation of applications across multiple clouds.

For example, the following features in Prosimo's new suite demonstrate these capabilities (from the Prosimo release):

  • Network Policy and Traffic: A comprehensive view of overlapping IP networks across cloud providers, accounts, regions, and more makes identifying and resolving complex issues easy.
  • Infrastructure and Cost: Natural-language queries ("Why are my expenses so high this month?" or "Which regions contributed the most to my higher costs?") let teams quickly drill down into cost drivers, trends, and inefficient resource utilization. Nebula reduces the time spent clicking through dashboards to uncover actionable cost insights.
  • Security and Compliance: Teams can quickly identify unauthorized cross-region access that violates regulatory policies.

The AI Suite also includes Multi-Cloud for AI, which can be used to connect AI apps and workloads as well as security guardrails for AI datasets -- for example, making sure data is confined to a specific infrastructure or environment. It also includes the capability to detect anomalous behavior across the stack, with application-level visibility for costs, traffic, and resource attribution.

The AI guardrails will be very important as the AI infrastructure shifts the cloud discussion back to private clouds, where enterprises consider the privacy of their AI data.

"A big security concern with AI is the privacy concern," said Mehul Patel, Prosimo's Head of Marketing and Customer Insights.

Improving Operations with Automation

Prosimo's approach is critical to the future of networks, because it provides a holistic view of multicloud operations. Many network operators get trapped in proprietary management systems that leave them blind to the rest of the world. But we now live in a multicloud world that demands a full view of network operations – regardless of the networking platform, cloud, or application.

There is a lot of discussion of “observability” in the networking industry right now. In some cases, observability is applied in a limited context – such as, in this specific cloud or this specific network vendor’s boxes. As we move to multicloud and hybrid cloud, observability should include any vendor’s box, any cloud network, or any application. Prosimo has demonstrated a comprehensive view of multiple network and application elements.

Futuriom Take: Prosimo says Nebula Network will deliver 60%-80% resolution as well as 60% lower cloud networking costs. It’s hard to verify that. But it is clear that this is one of the more thoughtful applications of AIOps in the multicloud networking world. Most AIOps vendors are still focused on limited environments.