Musk's Team to Debut Brain-to-Space Metaverse


By: R. Scott Raynovich

Elon Musk and key members of the SpaceX braintrust are working on a plan that would ramp up their deployment of high-powered satellites to beam the metaverse directly into cars, homes — and even people’s brains — creating a "Metaverse Space Fabric."

Enabled by the growing Starlink network, which provides satellite-based Internet connectivity, the new space-based metaverse — or SpaceVerse — would use Kubernetes-fueled datacenters that could rapidly generate virtual worlds, digital twins, and avatars. The next step would be extending the extensive satellite network directly into people's brains using Musk’s new brain interface company, Neuralink. With this move, it will be possible to put people's brains directly into the SpaceVerse, where they would be able to interact and control a wide variety of virtual services.

Once the full brain-to-space interface is complete (known as the brain-space barrier), the sky's the limit. Any number of services could be delivered in the SpaceVerse, including immersive gaming, virtual real estate, role play, and a powerful new virtual service known as Alternative Lifestyle. Why pay to fly into space when you can create a whole life there?

SpaceVerse: From Starlink to Neuralink

The SpaceVerse platform would represent the ultimate integration of all of Musk's technologies, including possible SpaceVerse integrations with Tesla. It's a powerful vision of the future, in which people have no reason to do anything real. Customers would create virtual personas that roam from the SpaceVerse to the Metaverse, earning money from virtual jobs created in the SpaceVerse, where they could pilot fake auto-driving cars to nowhere.

The team envisions that SpaceVerse could be advanced to replicate human thoughts and actions, allowing customers to build their own digital twins in space. One service being developed is Autonomous Work, or AW. In Musk’s SpaceVerse, AW customers could create digital twins that live in the SpaceVerse fabric, answering emails, building documents, and creating PowerPoints for workers who are otherwise occupied.

“Remote work is powerful -- but remote virtual fake space work is even more powerful,” said Clive Blauhard, senior analyst with Gartnerish Research. “I mean, who actually wants to go to work? It’s a remarkable vision expected to be adopted by folks who wish to enjoy well-paying, totally fake jobs in space."

Or, if you don't want to replicate yourself, you can purchase an Alternative Lifestyle (AR). Pricing will be based on annual subscription, generating Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Yes, that's AR for ARR. The company's already built a catalog, with a high-priced "Space Dionysus" model listed at $1.5 million per year.

Investors and analysts are already clamoring to get in, with some analysts estimating SpaceVerse could become the most valuable company in the world.

"They're connecting the metaverse directly into people's nucleus accumbens — are you kidding me?" pointed out Digby Aldrich, a private-equity analyst with the Phat Fund. "This is like ARR on cocaine. The valuation will be astronomical."

Blockchain, Kubernetes Key

Of course, SpaceVerse couldn't be possible without the blockchain or Kubernetes, which will supply the foundational technology of tracking people's virtual identities and delivering a fully meshed compute cluster anchored to a branded virtual token. The SpaceVerse team plans to fund the program with a new SpacedCoin token. A full line of NFTs is expected too.

“The power of combining space, the metaverse, and Kubernetes will possibly transform civilization,” said Imma G. Spaceoute of Spaceoute Associates. “Users everywhere would no longer be tethered to the legacy enterprise but could roam free, leaving burdensome tasks to the care of a K8 microservices-based stratospheric platform.”

Although formal plans have yet to be announced, key sources say the SpaceVerse could be unveiled within the next three months and would be operable in 2023.

[Editor's note: This could be real or not depending on your mood today.]