Leadership Brief: ZETO Architecture

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By: Kyle Steiner

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ZETO Architecture: Zero Trust Security and Optimization - Secure, Reliable Access for Remote Users, Sites, and IoT to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

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The rise of cloud services and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation, and Work from Home (WFH) are expanding the enterprise networks beyond corporate offices. This era will require a modern approach to quickly configuring, connecting, and securing devices and applications at the edge of the cloud network, wherever they may reside.

The networking and security perimeter has now expanded to a wider range of mobile people and devices. Future work patterns will require that every employee, every site and every device should be considered as extended branches of the organization. This involves the ability to extend the enterprise WAN using the same policy - with speed, application assurance, and security in mind - whether it is a home office or a small office, an ad-hoc POS (point-of-sales), or an employee on the go. These new connected digital workspaces are an extension of the organization and part of the emerging Borderless Enterprise.

Much of the next-generation, extended connectivity involves something referred to in the industry as the “edge” – the place where users, devices and sites connect to the cloud, the Internet, or an enterprise network. It means there is more diversity in network connections than ever before. This complicated array of networks, edge devices, and cloud applications requires new levels of automated security and management.

There are three main areas of focus that will require a new borderless era of networking that can securely connect any individual user or device:

  • WFH and Hybrid Work - Requiring the need to securely and reliably connect any workerfrom any location to any cloud
  • IoT - Requiring the need to quickly secure and connect any devices anywhere.
  • Sites - Requiring the need to securely and reliably connect micro branches, high-performing branches to hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and SaaS.

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