Databricks' AI Ambitions Revive IPO Chatter

Databricks' large language model DBRX was recently released to general applause. Could it be another step toward IPO?


Aviatrix Adds Observability API in Cloud-Native Push

Aviatrix adds Network Insights API, which will help networking practitioners integrate with common observability tools

By: R. Scott Raynovich
April 17, 2024

Rubrik IPO Represents Larger Trend

Rubrik, the 11-year-old secondary storage and security cloud provider, is going public in a move that reflects an influx of new blood in the public tech markets

By: Mary Jander
April 17, 2024

Can AI Save Everyone's Bacon?

Both hyperscalers and telcos are saying there's a universal delay in closing orders. But AI could make a difference -- at least for the hyperscalers

By: Mary Jander
April 12, 2024
A Ibrain3

Google Cloud Next: AI Takes Center Stage

At its Google Cloud Next '24 conference this week, the hyperscaler unveiled a slew of AI infrastructure products and services -- and many AI customer testimonials

By: Mary Jander
April 10, 2024

Why Is Interest in eBPF and Cilium Growing?

The technology known as extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) is making headway in the market. Here's why

By: Mary Jander
April 09, 2024

How Datacenters are Managing the AI Energy Binge

Cloud Tracker Pro

By 2027, AI servers could gobble enough electricity annually to power the entire country of Argentina. Here's how AI datacenters are turning down the heat

By: Mary Jander
April 09, 2024
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Astera Labs Blockbuster IPO Reveals Strong AI Market

Astera's IPO dazzled the Street. The company is betting on a big market opportunity but may have to grow big in a short timeframe

By: Mary Jander
April 03, 2024

Startup Profile: groundcover Levers eBPF for Monitoring

Startup groundcover has leveraged eBPF to offer affordable observability for application performance monitoring (APM)

By: Mary Jander
April 01, 2024

AI Traffic Is Up, and So is Security Risk

Security platform provider Zscaler says enterprise users are diving into AI applications - and facing new AI cyberthreats

By: Mary Jander
March 27, 2024