Cisco Hq2

Cisco Earnings a Mixed Bag

Cisco revenues were down, but the company has high hopes for Splunk and AI


Can Edgio Turn Things Around?

Content delivery networks (CDNs) and "the edge" are in the spotlight. Can Edgio grab its second chance?

By: Mary Jander
December 07, 2023

AWS re:Invent Roundup: Cost Optimization, Vector Search, and More

AWS re:Invent 2023 was big on AI, but here are some other announcements in hot cloud technology areas

By: Mary Jander
November 30, 2023

Amazon Zeroes In On Diverse, Safe AI

At re:Invent, Amazon Web Services took control of the AI message, focusing on safety and business customization.

By: R. Scott Raynovich
November 28, 2023
NEW Microsoft Azure Satellite Diagram Updated 10 15 20

Amazon's Kuiper Will Expand Private Satellite Network

AWS has plans to extend worldwide private connectivity to its cloud services via Project Kuiper, Amazon's emerging satellite broadband service

By: Mary Jander
November 28, 2023

Altman Returns to OpenAI, But What’s Next?

Microsoft drives resolution to five-day drama after Sam Altman is returned to lead OpenAI

By: R. Scott Raynovich
November 22, 2023

How OpenAI Crisis Could Benefit Microsoft

The OpenAI drama isn't done yet, but recent news hints that Microsoft could stand to benefit from it all in the end

By: Mary Jander
November 20, 2023

Smart Ports Build on Private Wireless

Cloud Tracker Pro

Despite general grousing about a lack of wireless “monetization,” there’s at least one industry sector where it’s taken off like a rocket -- smart seaports

By: Mary Jander
November 17, 2023

Cisco Shares Plunge After Sales Expectations Reduced

Networking market leader Cisco's growth has stalled and the management has reduce revenue guidance, casting a pall over enterprise tech markets

By: R. Scott Raynovich
November 16, 2023

Itential, Kentik Partner on Network Automation

Kentik and Itential to cooperate to deliver network automation solutions

By: R. Scott Raynovich
November 14, 2023
City With Network

Ciena Passes 100,000 in 800-Gb/s Sales

Ciena's sold over 100,000 800-Gb/s coherent optical modems since 2019, and growth isn't slowing down

By: Mary Jander
November 13, 2023