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Private Wireless 5G: Top Tests and Deployments

5 G city2

By: Mary Jander

As 5G rollouts continue worldwide, it’s become clear that consumers won’t be helping carriers to profit from their investment. With lukewarm reception on the consumer side, providers are looking at 5G enterprise services to provide advanced applications – and lucrative returns.

This shift in 5G direction toward the business side overwhelmingly favors private wireless networks. Enterprise customers are intent on tapping the performance advantages of 5G within the security parameters they enjoyed with local WiFi. In addition, initiatives focused on the edge of the network are proliferating.

Futuriom's Cloud Tracker Pro has gathered a sampling of private wireless 5G initiatives around the world to illustrate use cases and potential deployments. While not comprehensive, we believe we’ve found at least a representative slice that illustrates market direction. Here’s our list:

Project: BMW Group, assisted by Vodafone, added 5G mobile support for the carrier's SIM cards. Vodafone also worked with Nokia to test a system for locating machines, tools, cars, and parts in BMW's factory in Leipzig. The project involves a high-accuracy indoor positioning (HAIP) system.

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